About Us

Founded in 1981, Chinese Linguistic School (CLS) of Phoenix is one of  the oldest Chinese schools in the Greater Phoenix area. Since its  founding, the school has been instrumental in helping local  Chinese-American population preserve and appreciate its Chinese  heritage. By providing a network of contacts for its member families,  the school has also helped recent immigrants of Chinese origin  assimilate into the local community. Conversely, non-Chinese speakers  have found the school a great resource in learning a new language.

As the premier Chinese school in Arizona, Chinese Linguistic School  of Phoenix takes great pride in its students' academic learning. Despite  the limited class hours, most students in the academic program can  read, write, and converse in Chinese fluently by eighth grade. The  school emphasizes Traditional Chinese, so students are well-prepared for  a variety of reading materials, from classical literature to modern  newspapers. All teachers in the academic program are native Mandarin  speakers so students can learn the proper usage, pronunciation, and the  subtle nuances in the Chinese language at all grades.

School Board

Chairwoman - Jenny Li

Principal - Grace Lee

Vice Principal - Susan Lin

Public Relations - Willy Chuang

Bylaws - Yalin Chen Dorman

Treasurer - Tzu Ying Chen

Curriculum - Cindy Liu

Chinese Culture Association - Connie Chia

Chinese Culture Officer - Karen Feuerstein

Meet Our Teachers - coming soon