CLS of Phoenix is a member of Southern California Council of Chinese Schools (SCCCS), whose web site has  some valuable educational materials on Chinese history and culture. You  can also find scholarships available only to SCCCS member schools here.

Need an online Chinese dictionary? Try  Here you will find not just a comprehensive online Chinese dictionary,  but also an online English-Chinese dictionary, an online Hakka  dictionary, and other resources on Chinese language. Another excellent  site is, with links to a few other Chinese dictionaries not available on the site. You can also try for a less modern looking, but still useful Chinese dictionary.

Pictures of school events can be viewed at Many thanks go to the school's "official" photographer Jeff Jenq.

Idioms and Proverbs

Most people would agree that the most difficult part about learning a  language is the mastery of its idioms and proverbs. This is especially  true with Chinese. A good site that shows the proper usage of some  classical Chinese idioms through animation is actually the class blog of  a 4th grade class in Taiwan,

Additional Resources

Some of the teaching materials used at CLS come from Liou Chwan Cultural Chinese School, whose web site at provides  a wealth of additional resources such as character cards, audio  lessons, interactive practice for writing strokes, and assessment tools.

A local Chinese community web site featuring our students' work and school news is

The online version of Biweekly Magazine of Overseas Chinese Education is at  Updated with fresh materials every two weeks, this site has an archive  that goes back more than 10 years, so you'll never run out of fun and  entertaining lessons on Chinese culture and language.

An excellent resource for those learning the Chinese language is

Having Trouble Reading Chinese?

Most of the sites listed here are designed for people who can already  read basic Chinese. If English is your preferred language, an excellent  site for learning Chinese is  You'll find all kinds of information on Chinese language, literature,  current events, humor, and much more. Chinese-American kids growing up  in this country would especially enjoy pages like "What Kind of Asian Are You?" There is even a talking dictionary with optional handwriting input. Check it out!